Reiki for Protection

Reiki for Protection


Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Level I Manual contains:

  • instruction how to practice Reiki in self-treatment and treatment for others with detailed session compositions and illustrations of hand positions,
  • definition of Reiki
  • history of Reiki – western history and current discoveries
  • Reiki precepts from Mikao Usui
  • three pillars of Reiki practice
  • explanation of Reiki degrees and how Reiki heals
  • practice of Reiki in emergencies and surgeries
  • human energy field addressing aura, chakras and meridians

This manual contains everything Level I Reiki practitioners need to know to establish a solid Reiki practice for yourself and others.

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How to use Reiki symbols to clear, cleanse and protect your home, office and your belongings; to protect yourself and neutralize energetical attacks.

This PDF contains a very detailed instructions how to use Reiki symbols to cleanse, clear and protect:

  • Your home, work space and rooms
  • Your belongings
  • Yourself on a daily basis
  • Yourself from being energetically drained/attacked
  • As well as to heal yourself from emotional wounds

You will know exactly how to use Reiki symbols to set the protection.

In order to use the methods described, you need to have Reiki level II.