Develop Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

by Overcoming Fear of Failure and Procrastination


Make decisions easily

Confidently reach for your goals and dreams

Skillfully manage your emotions

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Confidence Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher

Do you want to stop…

Overthinking and worrying excessively about life decisions?

Second-guessing yourself or being fearful that people might judge you?

Being stuck in life; going in circles and repeating the same bad habits?

Feeling anxious, restless or frustrated; always on the edge of losing control?

Living with anger and disappointment every day?

Would you enjoy…

Having a peaceful and calm mind; focused on positive aspects of your life?

Feeling confident and comfortable in any social situation?

Moving towards a fulfilling career with reaching your financial goals?

Confidently making decisions and expressing yourself assertively?

Being in control of how you feel at any time?

Attracting loving relationship?

If your answer is “YES”, Anna’s HYPNOTHERAPY is the fastest tool to give you permanent results.

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Bad habits and anxiety cost you relationships, money, and hold you back from the life you want to live and the life you deserve! Anna’s hypnotherapy has proven to be successful for many clients. She has an amazing ability to know what is going to work for each individual client in order to remove blocks holding them back, neutralize trauma, anxiety with the goal of empowering the client to have courage and drive to be successful and happy. Whether you are looking to release fear of public speaking or social anxiety or change your career, Anna will choose the right approach for you.

Hear from a Client…

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Anna’s specific approach using hypnotherapy will help you build confidence, overcome obstacles and handle daily stress without going into anxiety and frustration. As a result you will achieve SUCCESS!

To find out Your SELF-CONFIDENCE Level and Identify the Areas you want to Transform and Improve!

Girl in Chair Hypnotherapy for Confidence
During a hypnotherapy session, Anna  will guide you into a deep relaxing state, called trance, in which the subconscious mind accepts new ideas and new behavioral patterns. Then you will automatically feel and act the way you always wanted. 

Hear from clients:

Through Anna’s unique approach she has transformed the lives and careers of hundreds of people.

Anna Hanael Hypnotherapy works very quickly. Therefore, you will achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before and the results are PERMANENT.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses hypnosis in order to modify unwanted behaviors and habits into desired ones. During the hypnotherapy session you will enter a very deep, relaxing state commonly called a trance in which the subconscious mind becomes open and able to accept new ideas and behaviors. With hypnotherapy you will say goodbye to over-analyzing, an always running mind, brain fog and the exhaustion of being an empath. Calming your mind is the answer as the calmed mind can manifest what you desire into your life.

The most beneficial hypnotherapy sessions are 1-on-1 as each session is tailored to a specific needs of the person. By using that person’s language to communicate with their subconscious mind, the results are often immediate. The old automatic behaviors are changed into positive ones resulting in positive actions, feeling empowered and becoming motivated to achieve happiness and success.

Hypnotherapy session starts with a cognitive talk followed by the induction into a hypnotic trance which lasts a minimum of 20 minutes.

Natalia Molina
Natalia Molina
August 13, 2023
Ana has helped my so much with my health anxiety and panick attacks. She is very genuine and takes the time to listen and find out the root cause of the problem . She makes you feel comfortable.I absolutely recommend her.
Adriane Milner
Adriane Milner
March 11, 2023
Anna is truly the kindest and most inspiring person. She has the ability to see truths in you and guide you to be best outcome in a nonjudgmental way. You feel an instant trust in her abilities. After the Divine mother session she released blocks I didn’t even know where they’re. I felt lighter and deeply calm, more than I have in a long long time You can trust her to clear out past hang ups and guide you to a calmer and more true future path. With sincere gratitude Adriane Milner
Ashley Del Muro
Ashley Del Muro
January 24, 2023
I love Anna and her beautiful energy along with the services she provides. I have had reiki and hypnotherapy sessions with her. Everything has been phenomenal and truly shifted my life and mindset. I recently had a Divine Love Blue Rain healing session with her and it was just what I needed to kick off the new year. Anna took her time with me and would check in to see how deep I wanted the healing to go. The session was also done over the phone so it was very convenient for me. It was a very relaxing experience and I felt a lot of clarity afterwards, like the fog in my mind had been lifted. I highly recommend Anna and the Divine Love Blue Rain if you are in need of a spiritual healing 💙
Daryl Wagner
Daryl Wagner
October 19, 2022
I found my experience with hypnosis completely amazing. When I realized I needed help from an outside source, Anna Hanael was able to ‘flip the script’ on how I was reacting to stressful situations. If anyone had told me this was possible through hypnosis, I would not have believed them. I have recommended this gifted practitioner to several friends. Hypnosis works…it actually works. Daryl W.
Rachel Mez
Rachel Mez
August 27, 2022
I had an incredible experience with Anna during my heal your inner child hypnotherapy sessions. Anna has created a physical and emotional space that fosters healing, mental/emotional peace, and transformation. Anna is so authentic, knowledgeable, and caring and I really felt she cared about my healing journey. I highly recommend Anna for hypnotherapy.
Jenifer Ross
Jenifer Ross
June 3, 2022
Anna is truly an amazing person. Her energy is so pure and beautiful. She is completely understand and works with you to ensure you’re taken care of. She has literally changed my life and has brought me so much peace. Even after two sessions I felt like a different person. Anyone looking to experience to benefits of hypnotherapy, I highly recommend seeing Anna. You will not be let down.
Valerie Mercenier
Valerie Mercenier
April 21, 2022
To say that Anna changed my life is an understatement and I cannot recommend her enough! Journaling, guided meditations, and traditional therapy were all helpful at helping me manage problems and grow as an individual, but after seeing Anna, my life shifted in a way that none of those other methods would have allowed. I have been having regular sessions with her for about 3 years now, and with her help, I have released past traumas, bad habits, negative mindsets, feelings of anxiety, insecurities.. and the list goes on and on. She has helped me with such a wide range of things, from serious childhood trauma, to daily habits I want to improve (like being more patient as a mother), and general feel-good work like self love and manifesting success. I can't even put into words the admiration and gratitude I feel for her. Thank you, Anna, for everything.
Maja LK
Maja LK
November 30, 2021
into hypnotherapy for the first time i didn't know what to expect. But I knew that I want to continue personal growth, get myself know even more, have peace with things that bother me, bring a new level of calmness into my daily routine. And after just a couple of sessions with Anna I accomplished just that. From the moment we met I was very comfortable with Anna and sharing things so my sessions would be tailored for me. Our conversations brought a new light and view and above all acceptance for things i cannot change. After 2 sessions I feel at peace. Sometimes I would have thoughts that are upsetting, would create anxiety and today with simple techniques I practiced with Anna anything that comes my way is super manageable. I was open minded to try new things. Today I define hypnotherapy as guided meditation, it is exercise for your mind and soul. After each therapy session I feel so amazing, so calm, so happy. I can see the colors around me while driving home more vibrant and focus on hearing sounds of nature and the city. My worries and stress get washed away.
Laura H
Laura H
October 16, 2021
Anna is truly a gifted healer! I purchased the Hypnotherapy Program, and I am very glad I did. Initially, I wanted help with anxiety and depression but have received so much more. The hypnotherapy session using therapeutic imagery was the turning point for my healing. I am so grateful she is in my life. She listens without judgement and genuinely cares. I will continue to work with her and am excited to see how much more can be accomplished. I feel she is the best in town and highly recommend using her for all services she offers, as they are all unique and personalized to you and your healing journey.
Ignazio Lacitignola
Ignazio Lacitignola
October 12, 2021
I struggled with anxiety and general unhappiness my whole life and after some especially rough events in my life it got to a point where I felt empty, life felt pointless, and existing was a struggle. Very much depressed! I tried all sorts of things, traditional therapy, diet & exercise (which helped), medications (which temporarily numbed but then badly backfired) however, nothing seemed to have a lasting effect. I would have done anything to get myself out of that emotional mess and Anna came highly recommended so, with a little skepticism but an open mind, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I have noticed immediate relief after just a couple of sessions, I found my mind focusing more on the bright side and it was easier to snap out anxiety, so I decided to go at it full force and between live sessions and recordings, hypnotherapy became a daily practice for a few months. The general sense of well-being I reached then became the foundation for improvements in all other areas of my life. Feelings of anxiety and depression still come up at times, but I don't spiral down with them anymore. I now often feel calm, joyful, and overall more positive and motivated. Anna is a lightworker and the best teacher I ever met. She is passionate, knowledgeable, loving and truly caring being. She explains things directly, simply and with fun and I could not recommend her more. I feel so grateful to have met her and I wish the kind of improvements I have experienced to anyone!

I was in a very bad place and hurting the people who loved me the most. I had lost touch with myself and my family. (Anna) helped me clear away all of the BS in my life allowing me to see what was truly important and establish a clear path towards it… She made a big impact on me and helped heal my soul. I am now in my happy place with a clear mind and loving heart. Probably saved my marriage and family. I now have a deep seeded confidence in myself and it feels great. Everything Anna does is designed to help you get in touch with your best self.

Jonathan Rodriguez

I have experienced Reiki and Hypnotherapy with Anna. I have increased confidence in myself and my abilities to handle challenges that come my way. I have a positive self-image now. I will continue to see her for my continued growth. Words cannot express what a difference she has made in my life. I highly recommend her!

Joelle McNutt

Anna is a healer in every sense of the word. After he events of Oct. 1, she helped me heal my emotional and mental wounds… I wouldn’t have been able to function without the tools she’s provided me. I AM ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that the help she gave me was more effective than any other form of treatment I could have tried. She is kind, comforting, understanding, helpful, and extremely skilled in what she does. I would recommend her a million times, because what Anna does really work.

Courtney Hundley
Hypnotherapy supports you in breaking through to become your most powerful, happy, successful self!
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About Anna

Anna Hanael is a brilliant Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master who empowers clients to new levels of confidence by Healing their Inner Child and Power them Up for Success so that they can create happy and fulfilling lives! Her gifted guidance overcomes bad habits, anxiety and fears so that clients emerge as their most powerful, joyous, successful selves.

Hypnotherapy is the most natural and powerful healing in order to break bad habits, release anxiety, eliminate panic attacks, and end chronic pain, grief, PTSD, fears and phobias.

You will be amazed at how quickly & easily you become confident, reach your goals, and live your BEST LIFE.