Are you in a vicious circle of anxiety, can hypnotherapy help? In most cases, in our current society, anxiety originates in the mind. What you are thinking about is triggering the entire physical process of your body. When you create negative thoughts, they activate the primal survival part of the subconscious mind and an avalanche of negative physical symptoms occurs. (That primal part is called Flight or Fight and it has only one reason for existence: to help you to survive in the face of danger.

vicious circle of anxiety

How Flight or Fight Affects the Body

That part of the subconscious is extremely powerful as it changes how the physical body operates: it shuts down immediately the digestive, reproductive and immune system. That is why people who experience constant anxiety have lots of digestive issues, problems with conceiving or heavy allergies. It pumps blood to the heart and prepares you to fight or run.) It is such a strong and fast process that you begin to think you may die or that something is wrong with your body and that very thought again is fueling the anxiety. The vicious circle of anxiety is born!

The most powerful physical symptom responsible for almost 75% visits to emergency rooms is fast heart rate. The blood is pumped to the center of the body, the heart begins to palpitate and the breathing is so fast and heavy that it feels like you cannot breath; cold hands and legs, sweat and chills, blurry vision and lack of ability to think are common. When the whole body goes into that state, you begin to wonder what’s wrong with you. You feel like you’re going to die or are having a heart attack; those are the very thoughts fueling up the anxious state. The vicious circle of anxiety continues!

Anxiety Becomes a Real Problem

When you activate your anxiety too often, the mind loses its ability to decompress out of it. You end up being more or less anxious all the time. No matter what you do or say to yourself on a conscious level, you still feel anxious. You may talk about it in cognitive therapy or you may take physical actions that help only temporarily. You may also take pills, but numbing the symptoms does not address the root cause. As long as you stay in a negative thought process and with equally negative habitual patterns, nothing will help. No pill can change what you think. Your willpower becomes powerless to decompress the state because the subconscious mind wants you to be safe; your subconscious wants you to remove yourself from the danger you created in your mind. The longer you live in an anxious state, the more problems you create.

Sleep and Anxiety

You may discover many of your habits, like sleeping, are changing. Sleep insomnia is a symptom of long-lasting anxiety but once it occurs, a new habit of not sleeping has been created. Your body and mind learns to react to many of life’s situations and people with anxiety and this is what we refer to as the triggers. The more triggers, the more anxiety. The more anxiety, the more triggers. Again, the vicious circle of anxiety is getting wider and stronger. And all of it started in your mind, with one thought repeated by yourself over and over again; or in one short terrible moment of a life event that you replay over and over again in your mind.

How Hypnotherapy can help Anxiety and Stress

The key to success is to change the thinking process and establish a clear break from feeling anxious. That’s when hypnotherapy is the most beneficial and powerful tool. In hypnotherapy sessions we deal directly with the subconscious mind that activates your anxiety.

In a deep and relaxing state called trans, the subconscious mind is directed to decompress and let go of the survival state – the anxiety. New suggestions are fed to your mind by professional hypnotherapists which are restoring a calm state of being and establishing new behavior patterns. Once the subconscious mind understands that you are not in a dangerous situation, it restores normal functions of the physical body. The clear break from being stuck gives the subconscious a chance to absorb new ideas and new behavioral patterns.

This is the time you’ll have those “aha” moments which allows you to regain power over your mind and ultimately…power over anxiety. When you begin to feel peaceful and safe, you begin to restore a healthy way of sleeping and creating new and positive habits.

Hypnotherapy gives you the mental tools which can be used for the rest of your life in case anxiety reappears at some point in the future. After all, life happens and you may have to live through dramatic events once again. With the right combination of the wrong events, your mind can get trapped in anxiety once again.

At this point, having the right tools is priceless. Knowing that you have the power over your mind is priceless. Knowing that you are the boss who controls how you feel at any given moment of your life is priceless. Living life without anxiety is normal! I don’t understand why our society at large accepts the fact that anxiety is normal. IT’S NOT!!!

Living a Peaceful Life

Living a peaceful life is normal. That’s when, with health and strength, you enjoy reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams. When you are peaceful, you create a peaceful family. Peaceful mothers have peaceful kids. Peaceful family creates a peaceful society and the ripple effect continues. Living with peace should be your normal way of being.

You cannot accept any other way if you want happiness and success. You always have a choice, a choice to change and finally say goodbye to your negative thought process which fuels your anxiety; anxiety which blinds you to a good life while making you weaker, sicker and feeling completely stuck.

Your subconscious mind has an amazing ability to change and, properly guided, it will always be successful. Whether you have a pattern of anxiety or a pattern of being peaceful, your subconscious mind is guaranteed to run with it.

So, the change is up to you. How do you want to program your mind out of anxiety? Hypnotherapy gives you the ability to do so painlessly, easily and FAST. So today, choose YOU, choose peace, happiness, and success. Reach for hypnotherapy and experience how it can change your life in just a few sessions.