Bet you have never thought of using hypnotherapy to release childhood pain. Even if there is no trauma involved, hypnotherapy is a non invasive way to rid your subconscious of the pain it holds.

Abandonment – Heal Your Inner Child with Hypnotherapy

Julia was five years old when her dad had an accident at work and needed to be hospitalized for a few weeks. Her mom couldn’t quit her job, so she became the sole breadwinner for the family already going through hardships. Julia was often left with her aunt, her mom’s sister, to play with her cousins. She spent three nights with them. She was safe and very well taken care of but that is not how her subconscious mind remembers. She felt abandoned by both of her parents.

Robert remembered that when he was three years old he was brought to her aunt’s house and left there for a very long time. At least that’s how he remembers his feelings. In reality it was just a week. He had loving parents who cared for him, but mom had a miscarriage and they needed time alone to grief. In their mind it was better for Robert to be with the aunt happily playing with his cousins. But that is not how his subconscious mind remembers. He was simply abandoned!

Heal Inner child with hypnotherapy

Experiencing Trauma as a Child

Once we experience trauma, often the subconscious mind gets stuck in that experience. Logically, in both situations there was no abuse of any kind and yet the child’s mind perceives it as a traumatic experience of abandonment. Then the subconscious mind begins to alter the automatic behavior of the child and later on of the adult. Everything in life is being perceived and filtered through abandonment which creates massive dysfunctions. The person becomes completely dependent on the actions and opinions of others; constantly wanting to be accepted and included. Every event in life is filtered through abandonment which creates unhealthy relationships of codependency.

To understand that, I’ll give you a few examples.

  • Feeling left out while being in a relationship when the partner (boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse) doesn’t text or respond on time or simply wants to have time alone.
  • Constant demand of being complemented and reassured of doing things right by the standard of others.
  • Overly serving others to please them to the point of total exhaustion. Being dependent on others opinions.

All of it is an expression of abandonment issues from childhood and as a result it lowers self-esteem and self-confidence putting everybody else ahead of the goodness of self. All of it comes from that one moment in childhood when the feeling of abandonment was set into the subconscious mind. To change that we have to deal with the subconscious mind at the deepest level and hypnotherapy is the best tool for that. The right approach is to deal with the hurt child through Heal Your Inner Child Hypnotherapy.

In a relaxing and comfortable state, the subconscious mind begins to heal by reconnecting with inner peace and trust as well as neutralizing the negative experiences. By creating a strong bond with ourselves, we begin to restore the power of trust towards ourselves and the belief that we haven’t done anything wrong and we were not abandoned. When the inner child feels cherished and loved, the abandonment issue is neutralized. We begin to act automatically differently as adults.

We begin to trust ourselves from within, relying less on external validation. This newfound trust that is a result of healing the abandonment, extends to our relationships and interactions with others. We are able to have more patience, be much less controlling and disturbed by others actions. We found ourselves enjoying our own company and life in a new way. We feel as the weight is lifted from our hearts and shoulders, and we can finally choose to be ourselves. We stop caring so much about what others think. And finally, we stopped exhausting ourselves with pleasing everybody around…wanting to be loved and accepted. Healing the abandonment issue leads towards acceptance and self-love. We feel worthy of it and begin to set healthy boundaries in life. There are unlimited benefits that come from healing the abandonment.

Each of us needs to heal the inner child and with hypnotherapy, the process is painless and fast. We begin to experience and see life through different perspectives and happiness has a chance to come forward and be a part of our lives. No matter the circumstances of your childhood, we all have some sort of trauma that has stuck with us through adulthood. Anna’s had many success stories of people being stuck in destructive patterns, read about one of her client’s journey with hypnotherapy.

If you are ready to release that trauma that is surely affecting you in some areas of your life, book a consultation with Anna or if you are ready now, book an Inner Child Hypnotherapy session.