Las Vegas at Night

Planning the day to day activities of a family vacation can bring on the stress. Vacation is supposed to be fun. so here are some of the most popular tours that Las Vegas has to offer and there’s something for every family. Take a deep breath and find something fun to do!

Bus Tour Las Vegas

If your never perused the streets of Las Vegas, a guided 3 hour night tour on an open top bus is sure to open your mind to the possible attractions you may want to hit up. You will be mesmerized by the dazzling lights of downtown Las Vegas, Freemont Street, and the Strip.

Maybe you want a more action packed and exciting tour. A helicopter tour over the strip may be more your speed. You will enjoy panoramic views over the Strip & city. Search for the Stratosphere tower or the Luxor laser beam as the night flys by! How far can you see in the sir? The views will be simply breath taking.

Limousine Tour Las Vegas

How about a more intimate setting in a private luxury limousine? Your driver is at your disposal. They may even pick you up at the airport, cruise the strip and more.

Las Vegas Tour of Honer Dam

A 3 hour small group mini tour of the Hover Dam may be the perfect way to fill in a few hours without taking up your entire day. Find the right touring company and you can even get round trip transportation from and to the strip. You’ll be able to see the dam, Colorado River, and lake Mead from all different angles. On this tour you can upgrade to include a visit to one of the top spots for Instagram which is 7 magic mountains. You’ll have a professional guide the entire tour. Learn about the origins, the history of the dam, and how it was built. This is a view and a tour you don’t want to miss.

Grand Canyon Tour

Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon? A western bus tour and Hoover Dam Photoshoot might be the choice for you. They will pick you up at selected hotels And in route to the West rim you’ll get to enjoy I sit down breakfast so you’ll be ready for the day enjoying the sights of the Grand Canyon West rim. This includes a bonus stop at the Hoover Dam memorial bridge where you can capture some photos of the amazing view. Your tour guide will give you details about the Canyon and Hualapai Indians. What a fun and exciting tour it will be.

Las Vegas ATV Desert Tours

If you’re country folk or just love the outdoors and ATV’s, then they ATV Mojave Desert tour well set right in your vacation plans. Just outside of Las Vegas you’ll experience adrenaline pack a denture in the desert. Not to worry plenty of gear is provided so you should be safe and sound. This makes for the perfect and exciting outdoor adventure in a short amount of time. On the tour your God will explain the history of Las Vegas and there’s surrounding areas that you will be riding in. The ride through the sandy Mojave Desert for about an hour and 30 minutes and enjoy the mountain views at the edge of undeveloped Las Vegas lake Mead recreational area. This is a private trail not open to the general public or other companies. This is a tool that will create lasting memories.

Whatever your taste of fun contains, there something for everyone.