As below, so above. As above, so below.

Reiki Level II training in traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO school is the next level of practicing Reiki and will deepen your connection with the energy and spirituality.

Once you have completed Reiki Level I training you may wish to embark on a deeper experience with Reiki Level II training.

Reiki Level II training includes 3 Initiations that connect you with the Reiki symbols and allow you to perform distant healings. With Reiki symbols you can send energy anywhere in the Universe. You can also heal the past, the present and the future.

USUI SHIKI REIKI RYOHO requires the Initiation to be done in person, between Master and the Student, to assure that you are fully open to a pure connection to the flow of the energy of life.

Anna Hanael Reiki Master in Las Vegas
Reiki Level 2 Students in Las Vegas
  • You will receive symbols that multiply your energy flow within you

  • You will experience a far deeper spiritual connection
  • You will be able to perform distant sessions
  • You will be able heal everything and anything you desire
  • You will be able to heal your karma and karmic connections
  • You will experience a strong detox that may last up to six months
  • You will heighten your vibrational state which creates a strong protection around you

After the 3rd Initiation you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Level II of USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI.

Reiki Initiations last for the rest of your life; you never need to repeat the training.

Prerequisite Reiki Level I

Reiki level II is recommended for those who are already practicing Reiki on themselves; who feel the energy flow; and know that this is a method they will practice for the rest of their lives.

Reiki Level II comes with the oath or promise that you are solely responsible for anything that happens in your life, all your actions and their results. There is no room for blaming others if something doesn’t work. You are given the most powerful tools to work with; the Reiki symbols; and that gives you the ability to heal and change anything; including your mind and old habits.

Student of Reiki Level 2 Class in Las Vegas

The upcoming Reiki level II training is on Saturday-Sunday, February 10-11, 2024. Both days must be attended to receive all three initiations to level II.

All trainings are done in person. Once you secure your spot with payment or deposit, you will receive the email with all details. Only six spots available per training to reassure personal experience and connection.

You can connect with Anna to request dates right for you. Dates are announced as the trainings are scheduled.

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Reiki Distant Healing Session

Reiki is a wonderful method that gives us an ability to connect and recharge ourselves with the Universal Life Force Energy on a level that no other method provides.

“Ki’ stands for universal energy of life. The healing may be needed on spiritual, emotional or physical level and that is determine by the connection between “Rei” and you.

“Rei” stands for the intelligence, highest wisdom or God connection and that part of this wonderful method is very unique. That connection and direction reassures that the healing is connected with the heart and soul or as some will say highest self that is inside of you. It knows where the energy needs to flow and what part of our body needs healing as it knows where the disease originated. Reiki is not a religion and it’s not associated with any belief, so it really doesn’t matter what your belief system is. It’s pure life energy flow into your hands and through your hands to the person, people, animal or yourself in need of healing. Anytime you wish or need the energy it is available to you!

How Anna Helps…

“Anna you are truly a wonderful teacher! Your warm & loving spirit definitely encourages learning, & opening up to receive this new level of Reiki. You are very patient, & take the time to make sure the new information is understood. This was an amazing, beautiful experience, one I will never forget! Thank you for teaching, & of course thank you to the masters & angels who assisted. All my love.”
Janice Elizondo

“Anna is an excellent Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. She has assisted me through a lot and has helped me become much more stronger and confident as a person. I have utmost respect and love for Anna and I recommend her and her services very highly.”

Marlene Benson