Level I Reiki training Las Vegas will initiate you into the original Japanese school of Reiki known as USUI SHIKI REIKI RYOHO, based on a system that has been tested and proven for 1,000s of years.

This training includes 4 initiations that open your chakras so that you can channel Reiki energy to everything you touch.

The Energies you will be receiving are initiations, not meditations. They allow you to connect and then channel the energy of life by expanding your Crown and Heart Chakras. During the Initiations all you need to do is to relax and open yourself to receive!

USUI SHIKI REIKI RYOHO requires the Initiation to be done in person, between Master and the Student, to assure a full opening and the purity of the connection to the flow of the energy of life.

Reiki Training in Las Vegas with Anna Hanael
Reiki Level 1 Training Las Vegas
  • You will learn the origin and the history of Reiki

  • You will be able to connect to the unlimited stream of Life Source Energy anytime and anywhere

  • You will receive powerful healing during the Initiations

  • You will receive training in the Reiki hand positions for self-treatment and for treating others

  • You will discover the best Reiki options for treating acute and chronic conditions

  • You will develop hand sensitivity and intuition by practicing Reiki so that your ability increases over time

  • You will be able heal yourself, heal others and heal animals

After the 4th Initiation you will receive a Certificate of Completion of Level I of USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI
at which time you will become a Reiki Practitioner.

Initiations last for the rest of your life; you never need to repeat the training.

Purchase Your Training

All trainings are done in person. Once you secure your spot with payment or deposit, you will receive the email with all details. Only six spots available per training to reassure personal connection and experience.

You can connect with Anna to request dates right for you. Dates are announced as the trainings are scheduled.

Reiki is a wonderful method that gives us an ability to connect and recharge ourselves with the Universal Life Force on a level that no other method provides.

“Ki’ stands for universal energy of life. The healing may be needed on a spiritual, emotional or physical level and that is determine by the connection between “Rei” and you.

“Rei” stands for the intelligence, highest wisdom or God connection and that part of this wonderful method is very unique. That connection and direction assures that the healing is connected with your heart, soul and highest self. It knows where the energy needs to flow and what part of our body needs healing as it knows where the disease originated. Reiki is not a religion and it’s not associated with any belief, so it really doesn’t matter what your belief system is. Its pure life energy flows into your hands and through your hands to the person, people, animal or yourself in need of healing. Anytime you wish or need the energy it is available to you!

Reiki Level 1 Training Class 2022

How Anna Helps…

“I first met Anna on July 11, 2019 and immediately felt like we had been friends forever.  I went for Reiki treatment to try to heal my lungs.  I have become a Reiki Practitioner and my lungs have improved, but far more than that, I have a new awareness and openness in my thinking.  My goal is to become a better person in all ways.  I would like to learn everything that I am able from her and maybe I will be able to absorb some of her energy and share the love that she sends out.  No matter what you would like help with, I know that she will be able to help.  She is warm and friendly and just a beautiful person.”

Sharlene Murphy

“Receiving Reiki I was one of the best experience of my life. I felt like the stones were lifted from my heart and I felt joyful and free. The energy surge was very powerful and I kept smiling. All the worries disappear. I know it was very strong for me.”

Kathryn Beretzky

“Having Reiki is like having Neosporin in my hands. Anytime I have some pain I simply put my hands on and the pain goes away.”

John Garrett

“I first met Anna the summer of 2017… My first experience with REIKI was almost 15 years ago and I know from my own experience how much it helped me so I decided to learn how to do REIKI on myself and to keep myself healthy. I’ve had the opportunity to practice on other REIKI practitioners in the past 8 months which is helping to build my confidence. I’m so grateful to have met Anna and for all the things she has helped me with. She is so supportive and such a warm loving lady.”

Jo Sittig