Healing Sessions with Las Vegas Reiki USUI SHIKI RYOHO Master Anna Hanael restore your energy, provide healing relaxation and calm down your busy mind so that you can function at your full potential.

  • Energize your body

  • Achieve deep mental and physical relaxation

  • Release accumulated stresses and exhaustion

  • Remove energy blocks

  • Balance chakras

Anna Hanael in Reiki Position


During Reiki session you will receive a huge dose of new energy that removes stress, tiredness and recharges your brain and body like a battery returning to a fully charged state of aliveness and health.

“Anna is the best is town. With Reiki she has brought my body and mind into balance.
She has helped me through some very hard times and I feel so much better about everything.” – Deb McElwain

REIKI directs Universal Life Force through Anna’s hands into your body which then directs this Life Force Energy where it is most needed.

  • Releases accumulated stress

  • Energizes your body and brain

  • Brings body and mind into alignment

  • Balances your chakras

The Reiki process is extremely relaxing, yet strong. Sometimes, one session is enough to begin to restore balance and replenish the flow of your life Force.

Reiki recharges your body with Life Force Energy; restore your inner balance and self-healing through relaxation and rejuvenation.
Reiki Session with Anna Hanael

During every Reiki session, you will lay down fully clothed on a massage table and energy is then channeled through a Reiki practitioner’s hands which hover slightly above you or lay gently on you in various positions. This huge dose of fresh, Life Energy is removing stress and tiredness while recharging your brain and body; much like a battery, your body returns to a fully charged state of positive life force and health. You will feel more peaceful, have clarity of mind, sleep better as well as having balanced chakras.

Reiki can also neutralize emotions such as grief, depression, heartbreak, anger or sadness.

REIKI treatments are completely compatible with Western medicine
and enhances medical care by neutralizing negative side-effects.

Whether you are preparing for surgery or recovery after surgery, REIKI dramatically speeds healing and recovery time.

Many medical doctors undergoing chemo have Reiki the day before chemo and the day after chemo for maximum healing benefits

  • Improves effectiveness of all medical treatments

  • Decreases side effects of chemotherapy

  • Minimizes pain including migraines, sciatica, pulled muscles, joint pain

  • Shortens surgical recovery time

  • Supports deeper sleep

  • Releases emotional suffering of depression, grief and anger

Anna Hanael Reiki Sessions Las Vegas
Anna Hanael Reiki Session with Client

Reiki is an energy healing method that promotes stress release and healing by connecting to the Universal Life Force Energy and then channeling it to the body through the hands of a Reiki practitioner. 

As the Life Force Energy is connecting directly with the person’s needs the healing can occur on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. When the Life Force Energy is high and freely flowing, our body is far less likely to succumb to illness. The higher your energy level, the more balanced, energized, healthy and happy you are.

Reiki is the only healing modality that protects the energy of the practitioner and delivers to the receiver only pure life force. 

How Reiki Heals

       Ki, the energy of life attached to our body, is affected by the mind, causing it to support our health or to move us towards dysfunction and disease, depending on the nature of our thought patterns. However, Reiki is not the same as ordinary ki. Reiki is guided by the Higher Mind. It isn’t affected by our everyday mind, nor is it affected by the subconscious mind. Because of this, Reiki cannot cause harm and can only carry out its mission, which is to heal and return all it touches to healthy functioning and perfect balance. Reiki does this on all levels – body, mind and spirit – working on us to make us whole and complete. During initiations a very specific shift happens in the energy system of the initiated person. This shift makes it possible to give Reiki treatments without using one’s own energy and without taking on the client’s pain and problems.

During the session the energy flows around the organs and tissues. It enhances one’s energy by making it stronger, finding the low energies and removing it. By doing so it restores one’s balance and health. In addition, Reiki works on mind, emotions and spirit. Guided by the Higher Wisdom and Power it knows where to flow and what needs to be healed. The vibration of one’s energy field is heightened and that’s why we are able to feel so good after just one session. Its life enhancing energy fills us to overflowing with wonderful feelings of joy, peace, love, admiration, confidence, and everything healthy.

Reiki Healing Sessions allow us to continuously recharge our body and mind rebuilding ourselves to our healthiest state. What is fantastic about Reiki is that everyone can become a practitioner by taking in-person training with a competent Reiki Master who has a strong lineage.

Anna has been practicing Reiki by herself for the 20 plus years. Reiki will be always present in her life in everyday practice.

I can reassure you that Reiki will keep your body healthy, strong and young and your mind peaceful and present in the moment.”- Anna Hanael

Reiki Session Room Las Vegas

Who Anna Helps…

“The addition of Reiki in my life brought a focus and calm I’ve never known. The constant knee pain I lived with is now a distant memory. I would definitely recommend Reiki!”

Daryl W.

“After a Reiki session I feel renewed refreshed and rejuvenated. Anna has the “spirit” and uses energies around and in us to help me feel wonderful and comparatively pain and anxiety free. Thank you for having the knowledge and the gift.”

Dotti Elgard

“I included Reiki for 18 months as part of my cancer treatment. Anna is a gifted practitioner and my sessions left me filled with positive energy and peace. I can’t say enough good things about Reiki.”

Fran Boyett