• Reconnect with SUCCESS patterns
  • Clarify your LIFE PURPOSE
  • Deepen your SPIRITUALITY
  • Understand your RELATIONSHIPS
  • Move beyond FEARS


Past Life Regression with Hypnotherapy is the fastest process to release blocks, patterns and fears that are preventing you from becoming FREE to build The Life of Your Dreams.

Client doing Past Life Regression with Anna Hanael
Finally; move beyond LIMITING BELIEFS to become FREE HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL as you have dreamed!
Hypnotist Anna Hanael with client

Hypnotherapy creates a deeply relaxing state in which the mind can access past memories. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, we heal them.

  • Activate your courage and joy

  • Discover previous relationships with people you know
  • Access ancient wisdom and guidance
  • Correct persistent negative attitudes and emotions
  • Understand current situations and issues
  • Identify troubling behaviors and change them

  • Know the reason for intense attractions or aversions

Past Life Regression is very beneficial to uncover reasons for being stuck in any area of life by healing trauma from different forms of abuse, illnesses and unexpected deaths of loved ones. Once the events and emotions are discovered, Anna’s Past Life Regressions heal you and you move past them.

Past Life Regression provides an amazing boost towards happiness and success no matter what your challenge may be. Once the intention is set to find your happiest and most successful life, the patterns for courage and worthiness are re-activated in the mind. Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy provides a powerful push forward in this lifetime.

Eliminate the MENTAL BLOCK holding you back in as little as ONE session!

During a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session you will be skillfully guided by Anna to a deeply relaxing state in which the mind can access the past memories. The session will last up to 2 hours. You will receive the recording of the session and Anna’s notes.

As a result of each Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session with Anna you will:

  • Feel lighter and happier

  • Experience a deeper connection with yourself

  • Be amazed with your discoveries

  • Address your life with ease and peace
  • Move forward past the block that is discovered
  • Lose your fear of death

Anna Hanael working with inner child

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How Anna Helps…

“I have been working with Anna for the past 3 months. She is amazing. Her warmth and skill level immediately put me at ease. We started with a past life regression that revealed powerful lessons for me. Anna’s technique and presence allowed me to go very deep and gain many insights that are still revealing themselves. We then moved on to a series of hypnotherapy that has helped me address the high levels of anxiety I have been suffering from as well as my inability to really love myself. My time with Anna has been priceless. I wish I would have worked with her sooner!”

Karen Boyett, Colorado

“Anna is an extremely gifted healer! I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel better. I have had a past life regression and an individual Reiki session with Anna, both of which were so successful and just blew my mind with the results. The past life regression was vivid and real and gave me many answers and insight into my life. When I was ready to begin my training as a Reiki practitioner myself, she is of course, who I turned to for my training. I am so glad I did as she is wise and respectful of the Reiki tradition, and a wonderful teacher…”

Carolyn Liske, Las Vegas

“I’ve always wanted to have a past life regression done and put it off for many years due to not feeling much of a connection or a pull to many of the options that were available at the time. Once I discovered Anna and the Healing Oasis, I knew it was the right place to go because of her connection to more of the spiritual side of the therapy. She really makes you feel welcomed and within the first few minutes you know that she really is a kindred spirit. I’m very appreciative for meeting her and the deep, meaningful session we had. I’m sure more regressions with Anna are in my future and maybe even a reiki class or two!”

Amber, Las Vegas