Meditation with Anna Hanael

This is a meditation event during which Anna Hanael is channeling healing energies to all the participants. Each month there are different energies channeled so we can address different areas of our lives.

Meditation is a very relaxing state for your mind and your body.

Moving into a meditative state is like breaking through the shell of your physical and emotional stress by giving your mind a break: the mind is detached from the busyness of your daily rush and unwanted tension.

Meditation with Healing Energy Transfer takes you into a much deeper state and brings powerful healing to every level of your being. The energies that Anna is channeling are from the spectrum of Divine Love and Seraphim Blueprint. Each energy has a specific vibration addressing a very specific area of our being.

It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t meditate, you will receive the energy and that energy WILL DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

After Meditation with Healing Energy Transfer our state is altered in a very positive way; we are psychologically, neurologically and physically changed. We can address any life’s issues with a fresh mind and new ideas.

  • Emotionally balanced

  • Peaceful and calm

  • Aligned with your life purpose

  • Connected with your inner guidance

  • Elevated and uplifted mentally

  • Empowered to reach for your goals

  • Inspired and joyful

Meditation with healing energy transfer

Meditation with Healing Energy Tranfer happens once a month on Zoom at 7:15pm PST. But if you cannot make it and you signed in, you will receive the recording of the event and the energies will be channeled to you at the time of you listening to the recording.

After you sign in, you will receive the email with an invitation to Zoom. The calendar will also show dates for upcoming months. Next meditations are on: March 5, April 2, April 30, June 4, July 2, 2024.

In meditation, you take time out of busy life to breathe, to stop, to go within and to become the creator. It’s an amazing state to gain new inspirations, information and to organize itself for a better action plan.

Adding energies to meditation multiply the results by hundreds. Whatever you  mind does, it doesn’t matter, THE ENERGY WILL DO THE JOB FOR YOU!

Meditation with healing energy

There are over 27 different energies Anna is able to channel right now. Each month the energies are chosen based on the guidance she receives. You will know about it in advance if you are on a mailing list. Here are just three energy examples:

✨Sun Energy with strengthen you will power and assertiveness in your communication and actions

✨Pluto will give you a better discernment of situations in life.

✨Divine Love will clear blocks in the energy field and elevate your vibration towards love, joy and complete emotional balance.