Hypnotherapy and Reiki Testimonials


I initially sought Anna out in a time where I was going through a lot of change and self- discovery. I wanted to receive some clarification and more understanding of myself and my current state. Not only did I receive the understanding and validation I sought, I also received a lot of healing through a variety of her services. I found out that she also trained others in Reiki- a practice I had a lot of interest in learning myself. I felt like it was divine timing that I found Anna when I did and I can say that learning Reiki has been truly life changing. She is such a warm, kind and loving person who seeks to help others have the best life possible. I feel very blessed to have met her and get to continue to work with her.

Sarah Yi

I was in a very bad place and hurting the people who loved me the most. I had lost touch with myself and my family. (Anna) helped me clear away all of the BS in my life allowing me to see what was truly important and establish a clear path towards it… She made a big impact on me and helped heal my soul. I am now in my happy place with a clear mind and loving heart. Probably saved my marriage and family. I now have a deep seeded confidence in myself and it feels great. Everything Anna does is designed to help you get in touch with your best self.

Jonathan Rodriguez

I loved my time with Anna- she is warm, kind, and not judgmental at all. I had my reservations with seeking out her help, but she had no reservations helping me- She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for out of our meeting. I am so grateful that our paths crossed- our session was an incredible blessing in my life and I don’t doubt her abilities or instincts to help anyone who seeks her help.

Daniel White

I have experienced Reiki and Hypnotherapy with Anna. I have increased confidence in myself and my abilities to handle challenges that come my way. I have a positive self-image now. I will continue to see her for my continued growth. Words cannot express what a difference she has made in my life. I highly recommend her!

Joelle McNutt

Anna is a healer in every sense of the word. After he events of Oct. 1, she helped me heal my emotional and mental wounds… I wouldn’t have been able to function without the tools she’s provided me. I AM ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENT that the help she gave me was more effective than any other form of treatment I could have tried. She is kind, comforting, understanding, helpful, and extremely skilled in what she does. I would recommend her a million times, because what Anna does really work.

Courtney Hundley

I saw Anna for my first Reiki session on July 11, 2019.  I have COPD and other lung issues from too many years of smoking.  I could feel the warmth from the session and found out about being a Reiki level I practitioner which would allow me to do self treatments at home which I completed and have been doing on a regular basis in addition to the Reiki sessions I have had with her.  I am able to breathe better than before and as I continue working with her, I know that I will have more improvement and the goal is complete healing.

Sharlene Murphy
I’ve always wanted to have a past life regression done and put it off for many years due to not feeling much of a connection or a pull to many of the options that were available at the time. Once I discovered Anna and the Healing Oasis, I knew it was the right place to go because of her connection to more of the spiritual side of the therapy. She really makes you feel welcomed and within the first few minutes you know that she really is a kindred spirit. I’m very appreciative for meeting her and the deep, meaningful session we had. I’m sure more regressions with Anna are in my future and maybe even a Reiki class or two!
Amber, Las Vegas

Anna is a gifted healer. She has uncanny ability to feel what your needs are, not only on a physical level but on an emotional level as well. I could feel Anna’s strong energy – her hands were so hot. I left the session feeling calm and relaxed. Anna is a compassionate soul who is dedicated to helping others using her gift. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for any kind of healing. You will love her!

Sue Hatch
I have had several sessions with Anna and was able to release old patterns of thought and forgive myself for my past. Her office is very comfortable and her therapy has helped me tremendously.
Tom Osmo
The addition of Reiki in my life brought a focus and calm I’ve never known. The constant knee pain I lived with is now a distant memory. I would definitely recommend Reiki!
Daryl W.

I included Reiki for 18 months as part of my cancer treatment. Anna is a gifted practitioner and my sessions left me filled with positive energy and peace. I can’t say enough good things about Reiki.

Fran Boyett

Anna is absolutely amazing. I met her in 2013 after my mum passed and I’d been stuck in mourning for a year. I just couldn’t get out of the depression. Using hypnotherapy Anna helped me overcome those feelings and find guidance. Whenever I feel that depression, anxiety or even confusion hits me, I see her for hypnotherapy as well as Reiki session. She helped me immensely with back pain and other injuries. Great professional and amazing human being.

Karin S., Las Vegas

I was grieving with the loss of my husband plus the years of caregiving before he passed had taken their toll. I knew I wanted help but I didn’t know what. Anna sure was the perfect answer. She not only helped me deal with my grief but showed me my path to a bright and fulfilling future.

Through the healing circles, private Reiki sessions, Hypnotherapy and creating successful affirmations workshop Anna has changed my life. A physical example is the reattaching of my left eye retina. My eye doctor said it had detached due to stress and we would watch it. Although it had started to reattaching the process was very slow and he wanted me to see retina specialist. I finally got the new doctor’s appointment but in the meantime was seeing Anna. I was thrilled to be told that my retina had totally reattached itself and no treatment was necessary.

I feel like I have my own Angel right here in human form.

Jann Amway

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with this extraordinarily gifted healer. She excels in reiki, past life regression, hypnotherapy, visualization, readings, and more. No need to search further! Anna Hanael is phenomenal!

Marjorie Lentz, Henderson, NV

WOW! WOW! WOW! What an amazing journey! My inner child is connected to me and I feel her in my heart! Thank you lovely Anna for your guidance, love and passion. I am beyond grateful for having you in my life! For your knowledge and spread the message of love!

Sepi E., Las Vegas

After a Reiki session I feel renewed refreshed and rejuvenated. Anna has the “spirit” and uses energies around and in us to help me feel wonderful and comparatively pain and anxiety free. Thank you for having the knowledge and the gift.

Dotti Elgard

Hi my name is Tom, I’m 39 yrs. old.

My whole life I’ve always felt like something is missing within myself, which promoted me to have anxiety, stress, worry, fear, not content, and self-esteem issues. So one day I said enough I started to google on how to cope with these emotions and what I can do to help me live a more peaceful and content life. Reiki and hypnosis popped up in my search and that’s when I discovered ANNA HANAEL @ ANNA HANAEL HYPNOTHERAPY. I read through her website and it sounded EXACTLY what I needed in my life. So I scheduled my first appointment with ANNA which was a Reiki session.

The session was AMAZING you can feel her healing power coming through her hands as she is recharging and balancing your entire body. At the end of our first session Anna asked me “how are you feeling now?” All I could say was “I’m so happy I found you.” I felt at peace my mind, body and spirit as one! And that’s just the beginning.

Going on 5 months now with our work together through Reiki and hypnosis all issues have subsided or even disappeared! She has given me to tools to deal with negative thoughts and negative feelings. I’m definitely a stronger person today because of the work we’ve done together.

ANNA truly makes you feel like you are not alone in this world. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER to anybody that needs help coping with life or just to discover who you really are. I write this testimonial with love and light that he or she who reads this will feel connect and be guided to ANNA. Thank you.

Tom, San Diego

I am thankful for the courage that Anna has helped me to develop with the self-hypnosis and Reiki that is allowing me to make some difficult changes in my life, to let go of certain people in my life who have been draining me, and to value myself more deeply and move forward in spite of feeling fearful. Courage. What a gift! I am thankful for YOU, Anna!

Carolyn Elise

Anna Hanael is amazing! Her energy, love and light helped me so much today! If you are looking for a hypnotherapist/Reiki Master…this is her!!! She had so much heat and energy going through her hands. After seeing her only once, I felt lighter and had more energy. I can’t wait to go back next week!! Thank you Anna!!

Teri London

Priceless!! Anna is amazing!! I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me in my life. Trust me you need her in yours.

Taylor Loomis
I found Anna’s Healing Circle class in a magazine, during one of the darkest time of my life. After having my son I became deathly ill with numerous issues. It was random how I found myself in her class but after seeing 10+ doctors who couldn’t provide me with any answers or help I was ready for anything that could give me even a brief moment of peace.

Anna’s guided meditation’s and Reiki healing not only gave me a sense of hope but it also showed me that I had lots of room for personal growth! With her classes and my desire to live a healthy life. I have seen psoriasis no longer exist on my body, and have regained balance in my life I never knew possible.

She has taught me how to use specific tools in order to continually improve myself and my life. I recommend Anna to everyone and to those who are looking to improve themselves in any way.

Michelle Eberhardt