Anna Hanael Hypnotherapy works very quickly. Therefore you will achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before and the results are PERMANENT.
Hypnotherapy with Anna Hanael

Power Up Your Success is a highly specialized Hypnotherapy program empowering you to break through your personal barriers and obstacles that are holding you from becoming your most powerful, happy and successful self. Each part of this program as well as each session is specifically tailored to your individual needs. After each session you will feel and experience improvement in your life. As you will let go of anxiety, fear of failure or success or public speaking and limiting beliefs, you will create a positive thinking and vision for your future.

In hypnotherapy  for success we are focusing on NOW and the FUTURE by building new programs in the mind, making you feel stronger, better and worthy of SUCCESS!

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Hypnotherapy Will Help YOU:

  • Move beyond FEAR of SUCCESS and FAILURE


  • Break through old HABITS and BELIEFS


During Hypnotherapy you are guided into a natural state in which your brain accesses your subconscious where all barriers exist.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses hypnosis in order to modify unwanted behaviors and habits into desired ones. During the hypnotherapy session you will enter a very deep, relaxing state (commonly called a trance) in which the subconscious mind becomes open and able to accept new ideas and behaviors. With hypnotherapy you will say goodbye to over-analyzing, an always running mind, brain fog and the exhaustion of being an empath. Calming your mind is the answer as the calmed mind can manifest whatever you desire in your life.

The most beneficial hypnotherapy sessions are 1-on-1 as each session is tailored to the specific needs of the person. By using that person’s language to communicate with their subconscious mind, the results are often immediate. The old automatic behaviors are changed into positive ones resulting in positive actions, feeling empowered and becoming motivated to achieve happiness and success.

Anna Hanael in Hypnotherapy session with client

The hypnotherapy session always starts with a cognitive talk followed by the induction into a hypnotic trance which lasts a minimum of 20 minutes.

Hypnotherapy creates a deeply relaxing state in which the mind can focus on new ideas. Once the idea is implanted in your subconscious mind, it’s easy to take action towards your goals.

Power Up Your Success is for YOU if you want:

  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcome fear of failure and procrastination

  • Make decisions confidently

  • Take decisive actions and be motivated

  • Activate your vision of success
  • Speak up for yourself

  • Set boundries

Hypnotherapy client with Anna Hanael

Hear from a Client…

POWER UP YOUR SUCCESS with HYPNOTHERAPY includes highly individualized Hypnotherapy sessions in person or over Zoom with Anna Hanael addressing your specific needs:

  • Transformational Hypnotherapy
  • Personal hypnotherapy recordings
  • Practical tools for self-help
  • 2 recorded guided meditations

  • Relaxation exercise recording
  • Manifestation exercise recording
  • Weekly practice to accelerate your results

  • Email support
Hypnotherapy supports you in breaking through
to become your most powerful, joyous, successful self!

with Hypnotherapy empowers you to:

  • Calm down your mind

  • Control your anxiety
  • Build your desired future
  • Become confident
  • Organize your success
  • Become a leader

  • Accomplish your goals
  • Go through job interview

  • Pass tests and exams

  • Release stress

  • Overcome addictions and habits

All this and more are possible with individual Hypnotherapy sessions designed specifically for your needs.

DON’T WAIT as life happens NOW!
In just a few weeks you will experience greater peace and success than ever before.

Ask yourself one important question:

What will happen if I do nothing?

Then ask yourself:

What is possible for me with Hypnotist Anna Hanael?

Anna Hanael Hypnotherapy session with client

You have a dream. You know what you want and how you want to feel, yet something has been holding you back. Maybe you feel like you can’t do it or perhaps you feel that you’re not worthy?

Because all these negative messages are pre-programmed in your subconscious mind, you feel stuck. Now is the time to transform the old programming that no longer serves you.

With Hypnotherapy the change is PERMANENT so you can truly say
goodbye to old limiting beliefs

I know where you are. For years I was trying different methods, longing for happiness, confidence and success myself. Hypnotherapy was the answer! Firstly my mindset shifted in just a few weeks. Right after that, I created the happiest and most successful life for myself. Since then, I have helped thousands of people find their Joyous Successful LIVES!

  • Do you long for SUCCESS?
  • Do you long for PEACE?
  • Do you long for HAPPINESS?

It’s time to overcome your obstacles and most importantly tell that negative voice inside of you to SHUT UP!

You know your biggest dream is to live a fulfilling and happy life; a life free of regrets. However there is no such thing as being born a success.

All success or failure comes from within your mind

Most of us weren’t equipped with the right tools or beliefs to thrive. Hypnotherapy is the fastest method to change that. As a result you will step into your happiness and success effortlessly NOW!

How Anna Helps…

“When facing the challenge of performing a one-man play which ran 2 hours and 45 minutes, I really had sessions of Hypnotherapy with Anna allowed me to comfortable do this with ease of recall and delivery. The triggers I learned as well as all of the tools given, propelled me with confidence going forward and the play was a great success. Highly recommended.”

Daryl Wagner

“Anna is an extremely talented and gifted healer. She cares deeply about her clients. Anna has empowered me to have more confidence, self-esteem and find my courage within. She is an open and communicative person who puts in all her efforts 100%. I would highly recommend her to anyone to heal any area of their life”

Marlene Benson

“Connecting with Anna has truly been a transformative life experience. I have participated in my own personalized Hypnotherapy program where we did past life regression and therapeutic imagery. Anna helped me to discover the immense power, wisdom, and guidance that come from my own inner core. I have also experienced a deep sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation. I am truly grateful for the gifts that Anna offers and wish everyone could benefit from her loving presence and God given abilities.”

Dan, School Teacher