How often are we on the phone with a computer in front of us, answering a few emails while talking with co-workers in the background doing the same things? How often is TV or music playing while we are on the phone, at the same time trying to control kids happily playing? How often do we shop while talking to friends on the phone and checking texts and emails once the notification sound plays on? How often are we proud of being able to multitask? Multitasking is the number one anxiety maker. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help!

The brain cannot process all the information and demands of our conscious mind so it just runs away. You might also feel that it just collapsed because it can no longer process anything. As tasks don’t get finished, the sense of being behind and needing to rush comes into play and creates additional tension in the mind. The physical body also suffers as it cannot function in an anxiety state. After a crazy and busy day, we lay down and want to sleep but the mind is still running and instead of getting restful night sleep, we are still anxious.

Every person who suffers with anxiety knows all about the “bad” feelings but we still don’t connect this anxiety with our fast and demanding lifestyle. And even if we knew, we are still unable to change the programs by ourselves because these fast-paced programs of multitasking are written deep into the subconscious mind. Whatever is written in the subconscious mind and repeated over and over again, creates habits and the result is, we are automatically multitasking and repeating actions that create the very thing we want to lose…anxiety.

Lady with anxiety that need hypnotherapy

In modern society with the constant rush, massive amounts of information and never-ending tasks to do, our brains can experience an overload which causes us to escape into a state of anxiety. That’s where hypnotherapy for anxiety can help.

For people suffering anxiety it’s very important to understand when and why anxiety occurs. Anxiety is an expression of a flight and fight program in our subconscious mind. When our mind receives too much information at the same time and cannot process it anymore, anxiety is activated. If that happens over and over again, the brain loses the ability to recover from it.

As a result, we are in a constant state of anxiety or even panic attack. Then when we try to rest, relax or even sleep at night, the anxiety will still be present; it may even wake us up in the middle of the night. The physical symptoms vary from slight underlying tension to the feeling of dying. Physically the body is in constant state of alertness; the digestive system, reproductive system and immune system are switched off.

This is where hypnotherapy becomes a miracle tool for anxiety relief. Hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level in the mind. While in a deep hypnotic trance, a sense of peace is established and we can then reset the mind to function in a more normal and calm way. Resetting the mind means new programs are being implemented in the subconscious mind; actually saving time by learning to do things one at the time (every one of my clients will confirm that when they don’t multitask, much more is accomplished and they can actually finish tasks… crossing them off their lists).

Resetting the mind also includes how to react to the constant noise all around and dispelling any pre-signs of anxiety. We create “tools” giving us power to stop the anxiety before it even starts. We are establishing new programs on how we feel physically in stressful situations. A peaceful mind has more inspiration, more focus, fast recall as well as more creativity. We are becoming open to finding and accepting true happiness and success. Once the physical body is relaxed and able to function well, you are on the road to reestablishing your body’s good health. As a result, you will be performing on a much higher level while feeling peaceful and confident.

Anxiety in our society is truly a modern pandemic and the list of its bad symptoms can seem not only overwhelming, but endless. Thanks to hypnotherapy, we can truly say goodbye to anxiety. Knowing how the mind works and having the “tools” to deal with the mind is not only rewarding, but life changing. Conventional treatments, such as talking about your anxieties on a conscious level, will change nothing at all as all behavioral programs are written in the subconscious mind. Everything we do comes from subconscious programs. Changing them is only possible in a hypnotic state with a skilled hypnotherapist. It is also true when dealing with anxiety, self-hypnosis doesn’t really work as we cannot be a therapist and client at the same time.

A superficial state of relaxation may be created but the subconscious programs in the mind will be unchanged. When I’ve asked my clients what’s going on in their mind while they try to relax by using self-hypnosis or meditation, they say their mind is still running and unable to stop. This becomes another disappointment that actually strengthens their existing anxieties.

Hypnotherapy presents a real and permanent cure for anxiety…with the emphasis on PERMANENT. Once the brain is reset to a normal way of functioning, any person can deal with all of life’s demands in a peaceful way. New programs established during the hypnotherapy sessions begin to run automatically so we never have to constantly think about what to do and how to act. As a result, we can perform tasks with ease and peace; the digestive, immune and reproductive systems are functioning normally. Overall, we become healthier and stronger. The additional benefit of hypnotherapy is that the longer we function in peace, the stronger we become to fight any future stressors and prevent any anxiety from coming back.

Invest in yourself and your health by saying goodbye to anxiety once and for all. Schedule your free phone consultation today.