In this article, we will discuss how hypnotherapy can connect you with your intuition at a deeper level. Read on to learn more about hypnotherapy for intuition.

Hypnotherapy has a calming effect on your mind which in turn helps the mind to relax and be disconnected from constant over-thinking. As a result, you can then connect with the internal voice called intuition. This internal voice knows us and what is best for us; making sure we have an opportunity for a happy and successful life.

Modern science has measured and named the brain waves. We all know the beta state is when we are awake and active. Beta waves range between 13 and 40 HZ and helps us stay active and focused on our daily tasks. It is the most physically productive state of conscious being.

Hypnotherapy and Intuition

What Happens When Hypnosis Is Induced?

When hypnosis is induced we begin with going into a relaxation state that is called Alpha. Alpha waves occur between 7 and 12 HZ. As you can see the waves are slowing down dramatically allowing us to experience relaxation. This is called a ‘light trance’ in hypnosis and is a good enough place for a skilled hypnotherapist to break negative habits and start implementing suggestions for positive change. In that light trance, the stress release occurs so we feel lighter; like a weight is lifted off our shoulders and we can breathe deeper. The conscious thinking quiets down and the possibility to connect with the intuition opens up.Your imagination is activated and begins to bring forward the messages from intuition.

How Hypnotherapy Helps Fine Tune Your Intuition

Here I want to explain clearly that we all have conscious thought and imagination; we’re seeing, feeling, sensing, hearing as well as knowing. Yet, intuition is a different kind of knowing and only thanks to hypnotherapy can a person learn how to distinguish conscious knowing from intuitive knowing.

That light trance leads us down towards a deeper trance when the brain waves are between 4 – 7 HZ. These waves are called Theta waves. In that deep trace we can access our long-term memories and intuition will flourish. The conscious mind cannot function in that state, surrendering to the power of the subconscious and the spirit together. There is no thinking, just a wonderful flow. Being in that state feels like there is only the mind…without the body. When this occurs, the body goes through amazing healing as all organs are reset to balance with perfect harmony. On the mental level, we can open the memories and accept all positive suggestions given by the hypnotherapist. In that deep trance we can open a free communication with the subconscious mind; giving answers to all questions, removing trauma, any blockages and bringing forward new patterns for success and automatic behavior. I would say this state is like being one with your intuition.

Sometimes the mind, after being in that deep trance for a while, can slip into sleep. A few minutes of sleep after a deep trance is proven to be extremely beneficial for the mind to accept all newly implemented suggestions. Sleep waves occur between 0-4 HZ and they are called delta waves. In that state the healing and renewal of the physical body occurs as the human growth hormone is released.

Benefits Of Multiple Hypnotherapy Sessions

By repeating hypnotherapy sessions, we are able to recognize the intuitive voice or feelings much easier. We begin to be familiar and comfortable with it. As a result, it is much easier to stay connected with your intuitive voice or feeling while in a conscious state. We are much calmer and more peaceful as we make not only better decisions, but faster decisions as well.

Hypnotherapy takes away all the chaos, fog and constant running of the conscious mind while slowing the mind down and staying connected with your intuition.