Heal Your Inner Child with hypnotherapy helps to overcome any blocks on moving forward in life. Once the sense of direction is known and self-worth is established, nothing stands in a way of living a happy and successful life.

  • Create SELF-ESTEEM


  • Generate INTIMACY with others


  • Develop SELF-LOVE and TRUST

  • Connect with YOUR INNER VOICE


  • Communicate YOUR NEEDS and WANTS easily

Man connecting with Inner Child

While there are people who have had genuinely ideal childhoods, most of us have a legacy of our upbringing that might include tragedy, cruelty, neglect, substance abuse, sexual abuse or any number of negative situations; what we commonly refer to as our ‘baggage’. What we often don’t realize is the negative effect this creates in our daily adult lives. This long-term damage can hold us back in many areas of life and this is why the specialized program, HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD with HYPNOTHERAPY is so valuable in healing the past and establishing  mental, emotional and physical health. 

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Woman and Inner Child Healing with Hypnosis

Heal Your Inner Child with Hypnotherapy is based on the concept of healing the child within. Firstly, a healthy and loving relationship with self is created. Secondly, a new confidence and peaceful state of being is activated which results in reacting to life in a positive way.

  • Establish inner peace

  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Activate your vision of success
  • Restore restful sleep
  • Eliminate negative thinking
  • Set healthy boundries

Finally Put the Past in the Past!
Step into your Power and live your Joyful Happy Life!

Heal Your Inner Child with Hypnotherapy
is very effective for:

  • Healing EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL PAIN from Abuse

  • Moving beyond REJECTION and GUILT

  • Releasing STRUGGLE and SUFFERING

  • Eliminating FEAR and LOSS

  • Breaking through old HABITS and BELIEFS

  • Letting go of ANGER and FRUSTRATION

  • Overcome ABANDONMENT Issues

Hear from a Client…

During Hypnotherapy sessions, Anna will skillfully guide you into a natural state in which your brain accesses your subconscious where all barriers exist and can be eliminated.

Hear from a Client…

HEAL YOUR INNER CHILD with HYPNOTHERAPY includes 75-minute private Zoom sessions with Anna Hanael addressing your specific needs:

  • Transformational Hypnotherapy
  • Personal hypnotherapy recordings
  • Practical tools for self-help
  • A guided meditation to connect with your Inner Child
  • A Guided meditation to elevate your energy
  • Weekly rituals to accelerate your results
  • Email support

Ask yourself one important question:

What will happen if I do nothing?

It’s time to disconnect from negative programming from the past and step into your happiness and success NOW!

  • Do you long for HAPPINESS?
  • Do you long for LOVE?
  • Do you long for PEACE?

You know your biggest dream is to live a fulfilling and happy life; a life free of regrets. However, there is no such thing as being born a success.

All success or failure comes from within your mind.

Most of us weren’t given the right tools or beliefs or support to thrive.

Man connecting with Inner Child
Don’t wait as life happens NOW!

Heal Your Inner Child with Hypnotherapy is designed for YOU:

  • Manifest the Life you’ve dreamt about
  • Elevate your Relationships
  • Heal the Past
  • See your Path Unfold before You
  • Find Peace Within
  • Create Positive Thought Patterns
  • Become your Authentic Self

  • Connect with your Inner Voice

All this and more is possible with individual Hypnotherapy sessions designed specifically for your needs.

As a result you will overcome obstacles, bad habits and release negative emotions while building your future filled with happiness and success.

In just a few weeks you will experience greater peace and success than ever before.

Anna Hanael Picture
The change is PERMANENT so you can truly say
goodbye to old limiting beliefs

Results of Anna’s Help…

“I had some childhood trauma that I knew couldn’t be healed through a regular psychiatrist or therapist. I knew I had some deeper issues in my subconscious that needed to be addressed and that’s exactly what Anna worked on when helping me heal through my trauma… She helped me realize what I was missing as a child that was affecting me as an adult and was able to heal that part of myself. I was keeping a lot of emotions in from my past… I’m extremely grateful for Anna’s healing and all the tools she provided me with to continue on my journey with confidence. I’ve had more energy than I’ve ever had… I used to have pretty bad back pain before I was seeing her that I no longer have! She’s truly amazing and I highly recommend her for Hypnotherapy.”

Shannon Wall

“I was at a point in my life, where I had extreme guilt with my upbringing. Through the Inner Child sessions, Anna was able to help me heal in ways I never thought. The techniques and words of encouragement helped me heal. I still use the exercises Anna taught me. I’m still working on myself, but I’m much gentle with myself and forgiving of my past… If you have tried other types of therapy and you did not find them helpful, then it’s time to give the Inner Child a try. You will not be disappointed. I’m speaking from experience and to this day I’m so grateful my google search lead me to Anna.

Gino Gonzalez

“I came to Anna a couple months ago to help resolve a specific fear of mine. I felt great and could feel a huge mental and emotional change, but didn’t see the full results right away. However, it’s been about 2 months now, and I can honestly say I have COMPLETELY and drastically conquered and overcome my fear. It didn’t happen overnight, but something that held me back for so long has been completely removed from my mind and my life. I truly believe that my sessions with Anna are the reason for this accomplishment, and I’m eternally grateful. I cannot recommend Anna enough for someone who wants to overcome a crippling fear or make a positive change in their life.”

Valerie Mercenier