Anna Hanael is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist who aims to transform lives one at a time by helping others stop procrastination, move beyond fear and limiting beliefs as well as helping to break through bad habits and negative emotions using hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic method that uses hypnosis to modify unwanted behaviors and habits into desired ones. During the hypnotherapy session, patients will enter a very deep, relaxing state commonly called a trance in which the subconscious mind becomes open and able to accept new ideas and behaviors. With hypnotherapy, patients will be able to put an end to over-analyzing, facing brain fog, and the exhaustion of being an empath.

Anna Hanael - Hypnotist

“When the mind is calm and under control, the spirit spreads your wings. When the mind is negative and judgmental, the spirit voice which is your intuition is lost,” says Anna.

The website offers information on hypnotherapy as well as the many benefits it can offer. With a one on one personalized session with Anna, her gifted guidance will help overcome bad habits, anxiety, and fears so that clients emerge as their most powerful, joyous, successful selves.

The Power Up Success Package is for clients who want to control anxiety, develop confidence or reach their biggest goals. The package includes practical tools for self-help, relaxation exercise recordings, manifestation exercise recording, email support and more.

“Connecting with Anna has truly been a transformative life experience. I have participated in my own personalized Hypnotherapy program where we did past life regression and therapeutic imagery. Anna helped me to discover the immense power, wisdom, and guidance that come from my own inner core. I have also experienced a deep sense of peace, comfort, and relaxation. I am truly grateful for the gifts that Anna offers and wish everyone could benefit from her loving presence and God given abilities.” said Dan, one of Anna’s client.

Hypnotherapy is very effective and has a 93% success rate in just 6 sessions versus traditional psychoanalysis therapy with 38% in 600 sessions. The positive changes of hypnotherapy are permanent, even worldwide sport teams are doing it to assure the best possible performance from the athletes.

For more information on hypnotherapy transformation with Anna Hanael, please visit to become the best version of you today.

About Anna Hanael

Anna Hanael is a brilliant Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master since 2011 who graduated from HMI College of Hypnotherapy specializing in Inner Child Therapy, Past Life Regression and Mental Therapeutic Imagery, PTSD, Trauma and Pain Therapy. She found hypnotherapy by going through her own self-healing journey after an extremely challenging marriage. Now, Anna makes it her mission to empower clients to new levels of confidence by Healing their Inner Child and Power them Up for Success so that they can create happy and fulfilling lives.

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