You will read about one of Anna’s clients written journey with hypnotherapy. Some may be able to relate to what she has gone through in her life. Read her story below.

A Journey Through Hypnotherapy

I know there are many of you who have gone through the same experience that I’ve been through.  In my particular case, I was living with the memories of a really bad childhood and all of the pain, the guilt, the unfinished business…not to mention the emotional trauma and scars that still haunted my everyday life.

I also knew the first step was to admit I needed help and then do something about getting that help.  With my life experience in these matters pretty limited, it seemed like a logical choice to seek out traditional therapy and that’s exactly what I did.

Woman and Inner Child Healing with Hypnosis

Started with Traditional Therapy

With a couple of recommendations from friends, I finally chose a doctor, a psychiatrist, to get me out of my lingering despair and my mental funk.  As a client, I was completely open to being helped…totally willing and able to accept this outside guidance although the cost of these bi-monthly sessions put a genuine financial strain on an already tight personal budget.

I knew I was worth this monetary sacrifice because I was investing in myself and my future well-being.  And that’s how I entered my long term commitment to traditional therapy.  As I approached my almost three year point in this therapy, I finally had to come to grips with the fact nothing had been resolved and all of the old demons from the past were still making me feel like I was standing outside of my life…just looking in…rather than being actively engaged and participating in that life.

I cannot begin to describe how frustrated I had become and how much of a dismal failure all of my efforts and money spent had left me feeling.  I stopped my sessions as they had become pointless and I needed some time off to clear my head so I took it, almost a month, in which I tried to reassess and make some sense out of what I had been through these last three years.

I felt like a mouse in a cage, running on one of those little exercise wheels, expending a great deal of energy but going nowhere.  However, at this same time, I was half-heartedly searching the internet for some other solution, some other treatment that would bring me some answers as well as some peace.  And this is how I first stumbled, quite accidentally, onto an article that was praising some of the amazing results different people had experienced after participating in a series of Hypnotherapy sessions.

This was something completely strange and unknown to me.  In my mind, hypnosis was something you might see in a place like Las Vegas where a hypnotist would make selected audience members look and act ridiculous to entertain and amuse a jeering and laughing crowd of tourists who’ve been drinking way more than they should.

Could Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Was this truly something that could help me?  In my desperation and need, I had to find out more…so my investigation about Hypnotherapy became a real thing and what I was about to discover was going to forever change my life.

I realized the first order of business was to connect with a Hypnotherapist with solid credentials, one with years of experience as well as a history of positive results.  My research was pretty extensive but I finally found a practitioner that I clicked with almost immediately, Anna Hanael.

After an eye-opening consultation with her, we scheduled my first appointment. To my complete amazement, even after this initial session, I could sense a change in my thought process…the first genuine relief I’d ever gotten from the ghosts of my past.  I booked a series of sessions and after those twelve visits were finished, I had literally become a new person.

Anna Hanael Certified Hypnotherapy

Success with Hypnotherapist Anna Hanael

The weight of the sadness and pain that I carried with me each day was now gone and had been replaced with a healthy and positive outlook and attitude.  I had forgotten what it felt like to ‘feel’ good and go through life free of my ‘negative thought baggage’.  And it’s my positive results and how I got there that, I am really excited to share with you.

I learned what a safe and gentle experience Hypnotherapy actually is, nothing like my preconceived ideas.  I was so guarded at first I was resisting the initial inductions but Ms. Hanael put me at ease and talked me through the process. As a side issue, after a session of Hypnotherapy, you have the most relaxed and refreshed feeling…almost like you’ve had a really good night of sleep.

What really sets Hypnotherapy apart from any of the conventional methods is how it addresses (with laser-like precision) your specific issues.  Rather than sitting and talking endlessly about your feelings over and over again (for months or even years), Hypnotherapy taps in to your subconscious and the old negative programming your mind has been running for years is replaced with positive and more productive programs.

And with the ‘tools’ you are given it becomes possible to deal with and eventually avoid any and all triggers that would keep you reliving all the bad messaging that became engrained in your mind…messaging that has now been completely turned around.  As my final thought, I strongly urge anyone dealing with any painful emotional baggage to please find a competent Hypnotherapist in your area and give yourself the gift of a peace-centered life.  Hypnotherapy has changed my life and I’m sure it will do the same for you.